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Truth can neither be manipulated nor killed. It can only be purchased if we allow so. The four pillars of democracy are Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and Media. This fourth pillar of democracy ensure that all people living in far off areas of country are aware of what’s happening in rest of their country. Media ensures transparency in the working of all the above three systems.

In this age of technology we are bombarded with information. The perfect blend of technology and media has left no stone unturned in unearthing corruption and politics in our society. Media has strength and ability to change both social and government level. All journalists has responsibility to report unbiased, accurate information as they receive from reliable sources. Now we can enjoy a wider coverage as well as wider viewership than perhaps a decade ago. However, there is a hope that the fourth estate will act as a pillar of democracy for as long as the present political, economic and social structures are moving in the right direction. But without the fourth estate, democracy cannot function properly and will be at risk.

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